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Adapting to clients needs and goals to maximise value as a trusted technology partner.

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Zero to CTO – Fábio Oliveira is in the Spotlight

Fábio, the Managing Director at YLD, talks about his transition from a software engineer to a leadership role, the challenges he faced, and the skills necessary for effective leadership.

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Twenty Twenty-Two In Review

A reflection on my reading habits in 2022.

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A problem seen in some applications, mainly in data intensive ones, is how to properly keep track of distinct elements in a finite set and is of particular importance in database systems.

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Using JSCS and jscs-fixer for

In this post we will take a brief look at JSCS and take a peak at jscs-fixer, an package that allows you to automatically apply JSCS code-style rules to your scripts.

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echo Hello World

And so it all begins. This kind of idea has been brewing in my mind for a long time and now it has flown out of the window.